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Esther Cooke
London-based copywriter @ | Former number cruncher @ 20th Century Fox, Dow Jones | Future children’s book author

It’s more simple than you think

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So you don’t have a marketing degree or a writing portfolio.

But you do have work experience.

So lean on your non-writing expertise to get your first paid writing job!

This is exactly how I transitioned from a career as an accountant to a writer.

Remember that your perspective is unique and valuable. You are now a writer WITH industry experience. You understand the customers, the jargon, and the products/services. Use that to your advantage and pitch to the companies who would love to gain your knowledge!

Here are the steps I used.

How to land your first content writing job in a nutshell:

  1. Write a list of companies in the…

’Twas a dark and stormy night…

Yes, I really used to start stories that way.

So at least one element of my writing has improved since my ladybird dura-seal B5 notebook days.

As a kid growing up in New Zealand, writing was the storage facility for my imagination. My Barbie and Ken could fly away on exotic adventures, my IRL nanny was in fact a covert spy, and I could design my dream 100 room spooky mansion, complete with secret underground tunnels, a resident ghost, and many turrets. I had a weird obsession with turrets.

Then when I went to high school I stopped writing for…

You get 50 claps! You get 50 claps! You get 50 claps!

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Strong start out the gate with a heartwarming anecdote +5 claps.

Tripped up using your instead of you’re -2 claps.

Good paragraph length, tidy subheads +20 claps.

Shameless self promotion -500,000,000 claps.

Am I doing this right???

If you’re new to this platform, you can gift between 1 and 50 claps to each article on Medium — go on, give it a try now ;)

I used to rate articles by giving out the number of claps I thought each one deserved, not dissimilar to a judge at the Olympics — or rather when I think I’m an expert judge…

Tried and tested by me!

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“It’s not about spending less time on your phone, it’s about spending more time on your life.”

Catherine Price — 10% Happier podcast #133

We were not raised to cope with social media addiction.

My first mobile phone could text, call and play snake. It’s amazing how far tech has come in little more than a decade.

But as The Social Dilemma made brutally clear, in the race to compete for our time, tech companies have put all of their efforts into grabbing and holding our attention with social media. Because more time = more advertising money.

Are you embarrassed…

Breaking down my awkward history with men

woman holding a coffee cup
Photo by Caleb George on Unsplash

The line between friends and lovers should be blurred.

I’m sorry, what???

That is a situation I have actively avoided for my entire life.

Dating expert Anthony Recenello popped up on my Youtube feed a few days ago, challenging me with all sorts of hot takes on love. I was confused. But I was also intrigued.

“When you keep things so casual, relaxed and friendly, while at the same time, openly showing your attraction, it never gets awkward. It never gets weird because you don’t make it weird yourself.” — Anthony Recenello

His laissez-faire attitude to seeking out relationships has…

Confessions of a freelancer

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I don’t miss writing in strangers’ birthday cards.

I don’t miss being interrupted with “quick” questions all day long.

I certainly don’t miss finding passive aggressive post-it notes on my computer.

It’s easy to poo-poo the 9–5 life. It’s archaic, inflexible, and uninspiring. I wouldn’t be in this situation if I thought otherwise. But that doesn’t mean some days I don’t want to throw in the be-your-own-boss towel.

When I left my old office job I was all “so long, suckers!” …

A lesson I learned from bad work habits

woman outside smiling
Photo by Monstera from Pexels

I saw a silver lining when London went into lockdown last March.

I no longer had to endure a daily commute to the office. The London Underground was always a stifling, sweaty capsule of bodies where I stood wedged with an armpit in my face and an elbow in my back.

Now my mornings were mine, ALL MINE!

But what happened turned out to be worse.

It was my first time working from home, and I lapped up the novelty. I could sleep in! I could cook my lunch! I could take power naps!

But then I realised no matter…

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Listen up zillenials.

I know you’re talking shit about me. I’ve watched the TikToks. You think I’m lame. You think I’m “cheeeeugy”. Well guess what, before I was “cheugy” I was “basic” bitch! I’m uncancellable. You think I’m an empty, shallow excuse for a sentiment. Well think again, pufferfish lips, because I’m LIVE, LAUGH, MOTHERFUCKING LOVE, and I’m the best thing to happen to home decor since Potpourri.

You don’t like that your mother sips her coffee from my epic script font every morning? You don’t like that I’m painted on drift wood at your Aunt’s beach house? You don’t…

Here’s how in 4 quick steps

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Where does an SEO description appear?

SEO descriptions, or meta descriptions, are short pieces of text that describe your web page content. Search engines show these descriptions below the page title in search results.

Esther Cooke

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